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Indoor Gymansium Climbing Ropes

RopesClimbing Ropes have always been one of the most popular and standard equipment request for overall improvement of physical fitness and muscle tone; particularly for upper arms and shoulders. Extremely popular training apparatus for strength, grip and arm coordination skills, in physical education, wrestling, gymnastics, etc.Teachers and kids can set goals and progress at each ones skill level. Mats, spotting and super-vision required when using.


We are proud to offer 3 outstanding choices for your program.

Manila Ropes – Traditional superior quality 3 strand 1 1/2” diameter pure “Grade A” manila rope complete with specially designed eye fitting ready for easy installation to your ceiling attachment. This natural fiber rope absorbs perspiration for the best grip and is extremely durable.

Polypro “Unmanila” Ropes – “Unmanila” ropes consist of a specially manufactured polypro material which looks and feels like natural fiber ropes with superior strength and 2/3 the weight. Texture on surface allows good grip. Particularly popular on elementary level.

“Polyplus” Ropes – New “polyplus” Climbing Ropes introduces an extremely soft 1 1/2” diameter rope material which has an extremely strong and lightweight polypro core with a soft and durable polyester outside jacket layer similar to the feel of cotton or dacron.

Climbing Ropes can be ordered with your choice of 
1) whipped end, 
2) polyboot end, 
3) leather seat on a turk head knotted end or 
4) braided end.


Ropes are stocked in 18’ standard lengths. Add additional foot charge for longer than 18’ ropes. Shorter ropes also available upon request. Custom size ropes are non-returnable



Directions when choosing a rope:

A: Measure Accurately - most ropes are ordered by measuring from the floor to the overhead beam and deducting one foot - allowing for attachment hardware. This usually leaves the rope on or just above floor surface when installed.

B: Pick your material: Manila, Un-Manila, Polyplus

C: Pick your bottom 1-2-3-4

D: Order plain or add knot options

Remember to always use appropriate mats under and around all climbing equipment. All sporting and PE activities carry the risk of injusry to the participants. Improperly maintained equipment and inadequately supervised programsare significant contributing factors. All equipment must be thoroughly inspected and maintained to reduce the risk to the users.


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